A trip that began January 2000 

Journey that continues on....


ivinely  nspired to doictoriouschievements

A Journey to Natural Hair





Pat's  natural hair experience has been written in great detail on her web site. She has been acknowledged worldwide for her witty and open explanation of her locking experience.  Her natural hair “Journey” also led her seek to additional knowledge. 


In July of 2000, Pat was trained in Sisterlocks™ a trademarked locking method developed by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell.  Now a Certified Sisterlocks™ consultant, Pat shares her love of natural hair with people in the Tri-State (Ohio ~ Kentucky ~ Indiana) area.  She is also a creative freelance accessory designer and enjoys sharing her ideas of being “Ethnic Chic”. 


Recently she has co-organized  “Naptural Nati” days in the Greater Cincinnati area and her current goal is to organize more events that empower the entrepreneurial community and continue to educate about accepting the diversity our Creator has given us.



Pat Sisterlocks 4 years old 
February 2004



4 years old 6 months
July 2004
~ Homecoming ~ San Diego, C


Sisterlocks Client and Consultant

Farika and Pat ~ July 2004
To read more about Farika's story click here.


Farika and Pat are one of the featured Glam-Models on the Sisterlocks web site. 
These Glamour shots were then during the 2004 Homecoming event in San Diego.

To view Sisterlock pics click here.


 ~ Dr. Cornwell and Pat  ~  
September 2004



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Sisterlocks in Atlanta, Ga March 2008


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January 2007

Thanks to all the visitors to my site who have left positive
 comments and words of encouragement. 
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I'm sorry for not updating the site as often as I use to.
 I am happy to report my Sisterlocks will be 7 years old the 24th of this month.  It's really hard to believe that much time has passed since I started this journey. 
I promise new pictures and updates will be posted real soon.

In the meanwhile go to my links page
Links  and visit other sites who share the same vision and focus.  I have managed to add sites as I find them. 
Compared to when I started this site back in 2000,
 there is a wealth of information available online.


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Stages of Hair

To the Other Side

Worth the Trip

The Final Destiny

Maturity Process

Love and Nappiness

6 Months Old

Relate & Educate ~ Books


Homecoming 2000

Nina Fox visits Denver

Colorado Training Class

No Turning Back

Happy Birthday

Just Stylin'

A Little Detour.. but still on Track!!

Nappy New Year - 2002

Style Awesome
Street Life Model

 Hair Awesome

Diva D'zigns  - Client Profile - 2003



Natural Hair - No Lye
 Client Update ~ 1 year later


Year Three -January 2003

Spring 2003
~~Spring Sale ~~

Atlanta Hair Show 2003

Sisterlocks are Fun!!


'Nati Naps
 'Nati Naps - August '03 event highlights

"Journey to Natural" featuring Nikki Giovanni

North Coast Naps

Ethnic Art

 Hair Day featuring - Dr. JoAnne Cornwell

 Crowns 2004

  'Nati Street Life 2004

 Hair Day April 2005

 Hair Day October 2006

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Pat and Nadine Thompson
July 2008

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Pat Hunley and Diva D'zigns are currently located in the 
Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. 
The text below was written January 2000 when I lived in Denver, Colorado. 
 Please follow the journey links above to experience latest updates.


January 2000 

Hello All,
My name is Pat Hunley. I wish to share with you my journey to get Sisterlocks
For those who are not familiar with Sisterlocks, Contact the Home Office

5663 Balboa Ave #355
San Diego, California  92111
Phone /Fax:  858-560-5116

Check out also the official  Sisterlocks™  Home office web page.

There you can find out the latest updates about Sisterlocks  ,
Including locating a certified Sisterlocks   consultant, obtaining
Sisterlocks   products, finding  out about Sisterlocks   

training opportunities and  much more.

There is also several websites and Online e-mail Groups about
Sisterlocks   and other natural hair care alternatives

On these list / web sites include persons with
Sisterlocks    / Brotherlocks (for men), persons using other natural
hair care methods, as well as persons inquiring about the many
natural hair styling options available.

Listed on my
Links page are the sites/ e-mail groups related to Sisterlocks   

*Of course for any official
Sisterlocks    topics,
Please refer the
Sisterlocks    web site
In essence, Sisterlocks    is a hair care alternative for those
 of us who no longer want to perm our hair. 
 The creation of this Photo journal,
is  so you could see what my experience was /is.

  I'm by no means a literary genius.  Nor am I an expert on hair care. 
But only a regular consumer who decided to do something different.
The purpose of this writing is to network, share with those interested.

This was a 40th birthday present to myself in January 2000. 
So my Sisterlocksare barely a month old (at the time). 
If the interest continues I will take
pictures to keep you posted on the progress of my journey.
So just sit back and enjoy!!










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